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Parking. Car Wash. Cafes. Restaurants. Groceries. Fashion Retailers.

ParkAmigo eases the commuting experience for people moving around busy urban centric areas.

Find parking, order food and beverages, and meet your daily vehicle maintenance needs ahead of time.

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Questions? We might answer some of them here.

If you are a verified ParkAmigo renter, you will be notified through the ParkAmigo mobile app anytime someone checks in to your driveway. Our job is to ensure your experience is safe and sound.

ParkAmigo is a platform that allows home owners to offer their parking spaces to the public. We're committed to providing a safe experience for both the home owner and the user renting the parking space. We have your best interests at heart and will do every thing possible to make you as secure as possible.

We are still working to get more restaurants on the new site and they should be available soon! But, just to make sure, reach out to our Customer Care team at and let us know what restaurant you would like to see on ParkAmigo.

At its core, ParkAmigo is leveraging the technology of mobile devices to allow home owners, as well as merchants, to share their unused parking spaces, creating new parking spots for users. These new spots reduce congestion caused by individuals looking for parking, while offering the spot owners away to generate supplemental income. ParkAmigo is particularly well-suited for major cities, where residential areas are becoming increasingly intertwined with recreational landmarks and commercial activities.

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Here's how it works

Commuting should not be a hassle. ParkAmigo reduces all the stress associated with commuting significantly. You can park with us.

Download The App

If you're having trouble uploading your application, don't worry, please follow these steps to reach us!

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Special Features

Multiple Features

ParkAmigo can be used to process a number of transactions ranging from parking your car in a driveway to getting an eco-friendly car wash service.

Extreme Security

To process our payments, ParkAmigo has partnered with Stripe to use the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

Affordable Rates

We allow users to check in and out of a parking space easily. Find, book, and pay for parking with ease.



ParkAmigo is committed to saving the environment and reducing the cost of living in urban areas, starting with affordable parking options and eco-friendly car wash systems.

Best Spots

Park your car near where you need to be and don’t worry about getting to be fined anymore. These spots reduce congestion caused by people looking for parking.

Real-Time Tracking

Know how much you are paying, and for how long the parking spot will be available.

Our Vision

ParkAmigo has a broader vision than our competitors. We aim to pursue partnerships with municipalities in metropolitan areas where we believe we can provide the superior commuting experience drivers deserve and make a long-term effect to the sustainability and efficiency in those urban centric areas.

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Contact Us

We built this company from hearing user stories on frequent commuting issues. We also learn a lot from our partners in the City Council who we are working with to develop our services.

We love to hear your ideas on how we can better improve our services or learn more about how we can partner with your merchant company.

If you'd like to offer some advice or get in touch with us for partnerships, contact us below:

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