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We are looking for innovative partners to join us in our quest to make commuting less stressful. We developed a unique application that allows our customers to find parking, order food or a beverage ahead of time, buy groceries, or even go on a shopping spree in between school and schedule pick-up on the application.

We are looking for reliable partners to work with us. If you’re in any of these categories, please feel free to sign up to be a merchant and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

There are a few reasons why you should partner with us. First of all, we take a unique approach on the data we collect from our merchants. You can rely on ParkAmigo to offer you insight on your customers’ tastes and get recommendations on what your highest selling products are.

At ParkAmigo, we also offer better commission rates than the competition across all industries.

We want all of our partners to be happy and make the money they deserve for their hard work. After all, the essence of running a company is to make a profit and lower overhead costs. As a result, ParkAmigo will charge a small commission fee for marketing your products, using our technology, and analytics.

If you’re a restaurant business, streamline your takeout business with our simple restaurant platform.

If you’re a grocery store, hone in your their digital marketing and fulfilment strategies to capture online sales and survive as companies like Amazon and Instacart are leading the way with their e-commerce solutions in the grocery industry.

If you’re a fashion industry, it means there weren’t many options for you to facilitate pick-up of your products...until now.

Online ordering through ParkAmigo brings your business closer to commuters who are ready to buy your product. Partner with us and watch your business increase its growth 3x.

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