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We built this company to solve a singular, yet dire problem - not parking spaces. As we continuously worked day and night to build ParkAmigo and spoke to our customers and welcoming government officials, we noticed other problems that we face daily like increased foot traffic, congestion in cities, depression caused by commuting, pollution, lack of income and wealth generation in some areas, and lack of mobility.

As a result of this, we set out to find out ways that we can foster a solution to these issues whilst staying true to our initial goal: alleviate parking and decrease carbon emissions in cities.

After months of planning and strategy, we expanded our mission to this:

“Providing the superior commuting experience drivers deserve and make a long-term effect to the sustainability and efficiency in those urban centric areas.”

At ParkAmigo, we’ve instilled a culture within our company and are focussed on making a difference to the community around us one day at a time while meeting your commuting needs. We set out to build a transparent platform that provides real change to people around the world and encouraging others to do the same.

From the beginning, we were committed to making significant progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goal 11, which is to make cities and communities around us inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable. Now, we have a much wider focus- making significant progress towards all the Sustainable Development Goals. Over the course of the few months, we would be announcing partnerships with some wonderful organisations around the world who are making a difference in neighborhoods far and wide.


Each day, we hope to use our platform to inspire our customers to be more environmentally aware about their surroundings and be more social-conscious as they commute across various areas all around the world. We are not just a platform for people to find parking. We are not just a platform for people to order ahead on their commute. We are bigger than that. We are shaping communities around us one step at a time and with your help, we can fulfil our goal of making a difference towards each Development Goal and making the cities around us safe, efficient, and prosperous simultaneously. Feel free to click on a partner below to learn more about their mission.